Welcome to Terms and Condition


  1. A deposit or more likely full payment will be required where goods are to be adjusted in any way, no deposit will be returned if the goods which were ordered have been cut, adjusted or altered in any way by us prior to collection or delivery.
  2. Any deposit or payment for adjusted, altered goods, special orders or bespoke items will not be refunded if the order placed by the customer is subsequently cancelled by the customer due to a delay or change of specification caused by a third party and through no fault of  Absolute doors
  3. A restocking charge of 30% of the returned goods will be levied against customers' invoices when goods are returned to stock which have been correctly supplied from  by  Absolute doors
  4. All outstanding balance for the goods have to be paid in full 48 hours before due the delivery day.
  5. All outstanding balance for the door sets including the service have to be paid in full on the service day.
  6. All quotes will have the discount rate applied. Special Offers or Extra Discounts may apply from time to time, the price you see is always dependant on all doors,door sets and service being offered Subject to Availability.
  7. We cannot be held responsible should any part of a purchase not be available and we reserve the right to refund any customer monies for goods which are not in stock.
  8. Prices quoted in writing by E-mail or Post are firm for 30 days. Thereafter the amount quoted must be confirmed as correct. Quality.
  9. Please check thoroughly at all times, we will not refund any deposit or payment of items, unless the item was faulty or misdescribed, which have been fitted by you or your tradesman, please check before installation.
  10. No guarantee is given or implied as to the colour match of the individual panels which make up the fully fitted door. Any timber door can vary in colour after it has had the first or subsequent treatments applied. Door types and colours, may very slightly vary from those on the Web site, in our brochures or on display in our showrooms. We reserve the right to alter any of the above specifications as we see fit, we will contact you should any altered dimension have a marked effect on the appearance of your door, we would not simply supply a product that looked materially different from the product chosen by you.
  11. Glass quoted for may be changed when necessary and an equivalent glass both in terms of quality and cost may be used, we would always ask for your permission to do so.
  12. Brassware. No guarantee is given on the longevity of the lacquer which has been applied to the brass.
  13. All our locks and latches carry a 24 month guarantee.
  14. All  Absolute doors  carry a 60 month guarantee.
  15. Discounts may alter without prior notification; this will not affect any orders which have begun the order process.
  16. Glazing, when fitted by us the guarantee is 2 years, guarantee is in respect to the unit itself failing or misting up inside. The guarantees in respect of a particular item are for the replacement of the defective component only; our liability will not extend beyond the cost of the defective component
  17. Absolute doors installation service checks: after installation service is complete the customer gone have a reasonable time to check the doors, hardware, installation service and sign a completion document. Please report of any damages, defects or unsuitability straight way, thereafter we cannot accept any claims for these issues after the completion document been sign.
  18. Delivery checks: Distance Selling Regulations allow you a reasonable time to check that goods supplied are as per contract. Our agent will require you to sign a delivery document confirming that the packaging has not been damaged or to state that it has been damaged. You should unwrap and check the goods for damages, defects or unsuitability when, or soon after, they’re delivered. Please report damages, defects or unsuitability within 24 hours, thereafter we cannot accept any claims for these issues after this time. Please count the quantity of doors and door sets on arrival before signing for the delivery as shortages must be reported immediately.
  19. Cancellation rights: Distance Selling Regulations allow a contract to be cancelled. This right expires after 7 days, the first day being the day after you receive goods. However, there are exceptions. Goods made to your own specification, that is, Special order, adjusted, altered, bespoke goods or goods with Absolute doors installation service cannot be cancellable. To cancel any other products, you must do so in writing (email preferred). You will be required to pay for the goods return to us; while in your possession you must take reasonable care of them. Once the goods are received and pass a condition check, you will be refunded in full. Refunds for goods which we accept for return will be processed once the goods have been inspected upon their return to our premises to check they are received back in the condition they were received by you, any cancellation prior to supply may result in a 3% Credit Card processing charge but as mentioned previously, goods cannot be cancelled as the manufacturing process will begin from the day the order is placed.
  20. COOLING OFF PERIOD; There is a 7 day cooling off period with regard to any orders placed by customers, this could in effect delay your orders, please make sure you advise us should you wish us to hold your order back from processing for the 7 day cooling off period.
  21. Glass Faults; Any fault within a glass pane or glazed unit which is not visible in normal transmission, in other words without having to look at the glass from unusual angles or which only show up in sunlight are deemed to be acceptable when viewed from a distance of a minimum 3 metres, this conforms to British Standards.
  22. Failure to accept pre-arranged deliveries or services which are then cancelled by you or have to be re-scheduled due to your circumstances changing with regard to delivery, please note there will be a transport charge of £50 + vat per 1st door and £25 + vat for each and every other door on the order for deliveries which have been accepted by you the customer for delivery and which are subsequently cancelled or delayed by you. But this will not be the case if we have to re-schedule your delivery or service day if you let us know before 48 hours.
  23. Credit or Debit Card processing charges, any cancellation prior to supply may result in a 3% Credit or Debit Card charge.
  24. No goods will be accepted for return if 7 days has expired from the delivery date and any decision thereafter to accept goods for return as a goodwill gesture will be subject to our returns charges outlined above.