Welcome to Absolute Doors Turnkey Installation Service

 At Absolute Doors, our goal is total client satisfaction.

 So - to ensure that your beautiful new is delivered quickly and fitted perfectly - with no hassle, no damage, no dust, no noise and de‑finitely no hidden costs we offer a full turnkey service.

 If you are looking to install a new doorset or replace an existing one, then the only thing that you need to do is to contact Absolute Doors – we do everything else!

 Our professional craftsmen will do the measuring, prefinishing, installing  and even the cleaning-up afterwards ... ... leaving you with the perfect door at an unbelievably competitive price. And no worried. Guaranteed.

 We offer three options of installation service (available for internal and external doorsets only):


  • Replacement of an existing door set with a new one: as soon as you contact us, we send you a complete information pack with a FREE estimate and one of our specialists will make an appointment for a site visit. They will help you to make the very best choice from our extensive and exclusive range - helping you choose the right door type & style, colour and any accessories. Measurements will be also made and shortly afterwards you will receive our quotation.

 As soon as you have confirmed the order we commence manufacturing: please note that it can take up to 4 weeks to complete.  Once we have a delivery date from our factory, we agree an installation date with you.

 Absolute Doors guaranties that there will be no need for you to hire any other tradesmen such as plasterers, painters, carpenters or anyone to clear the mess. We don’t leave any dust, hassle or noise behind. All the old frames, doors and construction waste will be removed by us. 

 The only thing we leave is you admiring your door at an unbelievably competitive price.


  • Installation in a clear empty opening: usually appropriate for a new build BUT in the case of replacing an existing door, you must prepare a clear opening for our specialist by removing the old door (including frame, architraves and doorstops) yourself prior to our arrival.

Our specialist will then install your doorset, but where you have removed an existing door yourself we cannot guarantee that the replacement will cover all the wall and plaster damage caused. Other than that, the rest of the process goes as described in option [1] above.


  • 'DIY' / self-installation: we provide just 'supply and delivery' so that you can fit the door yourself. You will still benefit from a FREE estimate with a complete information pack but this option does NOT include any preparation or installation services, cleanup or an installation guaranty from us.

 Our specialist will take measurements on your behalf BUT we cannot guarantee that the your requirements will be met completely during the installation process if it is done by someone else.